Rick Perry outrageously tried to compare his "situation" with the average family devastated by Hurricane Ike.
They're not even close.1

While he's waiting on the Governor's mansion to be rebuilt, Perry gets to enjoy the fine luxury of a $1.85 million rental mansion, paid for by taxpayers to the tune of $10,000 every month.2

Taxpayers also pick up the tab for his heated pool, his $1,000 Neiman Marcus curtains, and his subscription to Food & Wine Magazine.3

He even pays for his food, his drink, his parties back at the mansion with his rich pals, and his cable TV with campaign donations.4

That's why it sickens families affected by the hurricane to hear that Perry took $11 million in federal dollars meant to reimburse communities that were nearly destroyed by Ike.5

A 25-year politician, Rick Perry is desperate to change the subject from his taxpayer-funded mansion in the hills, his $21 billion deficit, and his putting the Governor's mansion before the needs to hurricane-affected communities.

Perry's so afraid that families will learn the truth about his disastrous record that he has refused to face Texans and publicly debate.

Taking money intended for hurricane relief and spending it to hurry back to your taxpayer-funded mansion isnít the sacrifice that Texans expect in these tough times.

It's painfully clear that Rick Perry just canít be trusted with our taxpayer dollars.